Thursday, October 13, 2011

Future Birthday

dress: forever 21
This is the dress my parents got me for my birthday, which isnt until Nov. 11, but were trying to make every celebration truely count because my Dad has pancreatic cancer. I was hoping I wouldn't have to mention it since it is such a devastating situation. So I strongly encourage everyone reading this to take the time to appreciate their parents, because we only get one true mom and one true dad.
But enough about the emotional part of life, this dress is perfect for fall. I love the lace collar, and the caramel color of the dress. Im not completely sure if Ill always wear the white tights with it, it was just a nice change from the black tights I normally wear.


  1. such a cute dress!! and i agree we should appreciate our parents more! (:

  2. Super lovely blog!


  3. That dress is adorable, I love the collar and color as well.

    xo erica